S10 STUDIO™ PREMIER+™ Embroidery Intro Product Code Sheet

Use this sheet to copy the unique activation code for the S10 STUDIO, included in the box. Make a copy of this sheet and keep on file at the store.

The second page has installation instructions which should be given to your customers to simplify the installation process.

S10 STUDIO™ USB Formatting Instructions

The S10 STUDIO™ requires the USB stick to be formatted in a very specific way, on the machine, before it can be used to load designs.

Follow these instructions and make them available to your consumers.

Singer to Husqvarna Viking Comparison Chart

This chart compares the Singer C440Q to the Jade 20, Designer Jade 35 and the Opal 670. It also compares the Singer EM200 to the embroidery features found on the Designer Jade 35.