Yarn Embellishment Foot Class-Cross Body Bag

This class was submitted by Jackie Jacobs from VSG638 in Taylor Michigan.

She writes:

Our class had so much fun making this cross body bag project so I thought I would share it with the rest of the company.

Thank you for sharing Jackie!

Star Applique Software Class – created by Sharon Brunacci #211

Sharon Brunacci, Manager VSG 211

Applique Super Designs                                                        

PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery Software has some features common to all packages, and some exclusive to the level of software you’ve purchased. We will use the super designs adjust with the rotation handles. Use the options for adjusting your fonts in shapes.


Specialty Needle Class – created by Lori Weiss #737

Lori Weiss, Manager VSG 737

Here are the teaching notes, class supply list and the embroidery design I used for the “Specialty Needle” class. I plan on offering it every other month, but I will gauge this based on customer response and requests. It does require prep work on your part (and quite a bit of spray starch!), but the class was truly enjoyed by the customers and it generated sales.

Reusable Shopping Bag with Embroidery Designs-July 2018 Be Our Guest Party

Create a quick and easy shopping bag using the serger for much of the assembly. The bag can be personalized with an embroidery using the 120×120 hoop.

Included in the zip file are .VP4 files with all elements of the design ready for editing. There are also the same files exported in .VP3 format ready for embroidering.

Instructions are easy to follow but don’t forget, this is designed to help you close sales while creating this simple project.

Thank You Card Embroidery Design

This embroidery design can be done using the same instructions as the Valentine Day’s card found in this category.

Thank you to Ashleigh in VSG#782

Embroidered Valentine Card

By Ashleigh Stabbert-VanSkike

Viking Sewing Gallery Palm Beach Gardens, FL #782

This is a quick and easy idea for Valentine’s day and anniversary or any time you want to tell someone you love them. Embroidering on card stock is so much fun you will want to make a whole collection of cards to have when you need them.

Note for store: This is a very easy and quick let me show you. It is meant to be stitched on Card stock but would easily embellish a shirt or whatever you like. The higher quality cardstocks and papers are better for this project but I just use the white card stock we all have in our stores and white printer paper. You could of course use nicer papers but for a let me show you all of the supplies are available in your normal office supplies and demo supplies. For stabilizer I use the Light and Tacky Tear A Way. Really you could use most any sticky stabilizer or spray adhesive but I find this one works best.