Whole Cloth Quilt — Class 1 of 2


 Learn the finer points of quilt design alignment on this whole cloth quilt project. I am considering this a free owners’ class. You’ll need two pieces 45″x 45″ or bigger fabric (front & back) and batting, a wash-a-way marking pen and quilting thread. If you prefer, youcan bring a quilt top that you’ve finished with backing and batting. The quilt top, batting and backing should be basted and ready to be quilted. If you have wash away thread, machine baste it The first class focuses on your quilt design layout and marking your quilt top,and then we’ll begin stitching out the design. If you’d like to take this class, please stop in the store to discuss your quilt design options with Karen.  The most common option is to use the gorgeous new Moroccan Tiles designs, but you can use whatever you desire.

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