Quilting in Sewing Mode

The Quiltng Menu E has three menu’s of quilting stitches.  Here is a suggested list of uses for the different stitches.  Some are suitable for quilting through the multiple layers of the finished quilt.  Others arew decorative and should be stitched on the quilt top only with stabilizer underneath.  Learn how to piece with a 14 inch seam allowance, use the built-in stippling stitches, and how to do the handlook Quilting Stitch.  This class is for the Designer Diamond and Designer Ruby.


Materials:  Your Designer Diamond or Designer Ruby sewing machine, foot pedal, quilting needles,  Invisible thread, sewing thread, your 1/4 inch piecing foot, scraps of cotton fabric, your S foot, vanishing pen, 4- 10 inch pieces of fabric and 2- 10 inch piece of batting and your edge quilting guide.

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