Advanced Machine Embroidery

Having attended Machine Introduction, Decorative Stitches and Embroidery Basics are helpful, but not necessary.

During this Connectivity and Advanced Embroidery Class, you will customize designs and learn how to transfer designs to and/ or  from your computer to your embroidery machine.


Do Not bring your embroidery machine.

All you need is your laptop with your software installed. (Do not worry if your software is on a computer that is not portable, we can gather around the store’s computer.
This is a great time for questions or trouble-shooting about any issues you’ve been having.


Includes the following machines:

  • Husqvarna   Viking® Designer Topaz™ 20
  • Husqvarna Viking® Designer Topaz™ 30
  • Husqvarna Viking® Designer Ruby deLuxe™
  • Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond deLuxe™


No charge for class.

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