6D Quick Font

All of our embroidery machines can have additional fonts added by using the QuickFont program.  You will create 6 different kinds of fonts in the software that came with your embroidery machine.

It is very easy to create applique lettering in QuickFont. There are many choices to make the applique just the right style for your project.  The great thing about applique in embroidery is it turns out perfect every time.We will use the Outline  font in our class as a raw edge applique look. This adds extra texture to the letters and can create an interesting look. Before these letters are stitched out, lay the applique fabric on top of the base fabric so it can be stitched down in one step. Outline fonts can also be a fun way to finish a baby quilt or add texture to a polar fleece blanket. There are many creative uses for this style of font.


Your computer with power cord and Quick Font software downloaded or 6D software downloaded and updated and your dongle.

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