PREMIER+™ 2 Software Webinar Slides

This document has the slide from the webinar hosted on September 5th. The webinar can be viewed copying and pasting this URL into a browser window:


Premier+ Intro Explanation

How to sell Premier+ Intro, how to get new activation code for traded in/traded up Designer Jade 35, as well as installation instructions on page 2 which can be shared with a consumer.

Embroidery Intro Software Product Code Sheet-Replacement

Print this out and place with any traded up/in or returned Designer Jade 35 machines which need a new activation code for the Embroidery Intro software.

Contact Software Support to receive a new code. You will need the following information:

  • Store number
  • Original owner name (if known)
  • New owner name
  • Serial number

Write the replacement product activation code into the space provided and make a copy to keep in the store.

6D Premier-Creating a Felting Design

Creating Designs for the INSPIRA® Felting Embroidery Set from Existing Embroidery Designs

Converting traditional lightweight embroidery designs into felting designs is a breeze in the 6DDesign Creator module of your 6DPremier software. This exercise creates embroidery similar to the files in the Refined Fabric Collection # 281. You can felt with layers to get a multi-tonal effect or just a single layer to get a tone on tone effect.


TruE 3 & 6D Comparison of Features

This file is not to be shown to customers. Please use this file to become more familiar with the features found in the embroidery software.

TruE 3 Terms compared to 6D & Premier+ Embroidery Terms

This file has basic information about upgrading from the original TruE to TruE 3 as well as information about the complimentary version of the TruE software.

The second page of this file has explanations about the modules included in the different TruE 3 software packages and terminology used in TruE 3 similar to features found in 6D  and Premier+ Embroidery.

Updated 2-8-16

Indexing Options-Windows 7

Directions for indexing on Windows 7–this makes it so your computer does complete searches in Windows Explorer Plug-In

Indexing Options-Windows 8

Directions for indexing on Windows 8–this makes it so your computer does complete searches in Windows Explorer Plug-In

TruEmbroidery 3 Checklist

This form should be placed with every package of TruEmbroidery 3 Software. Please go over this form with your customer, have them sign the form, give a copy to the customer and keep a copy on file in your store. This form protects you and the customer to verify that all items needed to use the embroidery software are complete before the customer leaves the store.

updated January 2017