#3 Certification Exercise-Design Adjustment VP4 Format

Premier+™ Extra VP4 design adjustment

Designs are easy to adjust, even after you save them with the Premier+ Embroidery System. The .vp4 format keeps all information about each individual part of the design. Save the design and then bring it back in to the software. Make changes and save again. It is really that simple.

Here is a link to a video of this certification exercise:


#6 Certification Exercise-Create Express Border Appliqué

Premier +™ Create – Create Express Border Appliqué

Learn to use the Create Express Border Wizard to create a beautiful appliqué. It’s so quick and easy! You can audition your appliqué fabric right in the hoop. Add a little extra pizzazz by creating a triple stitch border on top of the satin outline.

#7 Certification Exercise-PhotoStitch Wizard Demo

Premier+™ PhotoStitch Wizard Demo with optional Lettering and Frame

Create a fun embroidered travel or shopping tote bag. Use the PhotoStitch wizard to change a photograph to stitches. Then add some letters and a frame to finish off the design.

#8 Certification Exercise-Quilt Block Wizard

Premier+™ Quilt Block Wizard

Create a Super Design Applique and use the Encore function to make a fun design. Then use the Quilt Block Wizard to add a curved crosshatch around the whole design.