PREMIER+™ 2 Software Owner Classes Outline

This document will give you a quick overview of all of the lessons that make up Software Owner Classes on the PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery Software.

You will use Lesson 1 for Class 1 and Lesson 2 for Class 2, which is done at no charge to those who purchase software from your store. Use the other owner classes as optional classes the customer would pay for.

Lesson 1/Part 2 – Embroidery Free (MAC version)

Part 2-Basic Skills in PREMIER+™2 Embroidery Free and higher

  • Inserting embroidery design and moving/rotating in embroidery area
  • Thread panel overview
  • Zoom options
  • Copy/paste/duplicate/undo/redo
  • Select tools
  • Design menu options
  • View menu options
  • Help menu options
  • Saving/Exporting options and mySewnet capabilities

Lesson 1/Part 3 – Intro (MAC version)

Part 3-Additional Options Introduced in PREMIER+™ 2 Intro and higher

  • Hoop menu options
  • SuperDesign basics
  • Lettering basics
  • Resize
  • Frames
  • Saving/Exporting
  • Font Utilities and Font Manager overview
  • Importing embroidery files as fonts
  • QuickFont overview

Lesson 2 – Embroidery (MAC version)

For PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery and higher

  • Inserting multiple designs
  • Design Player
  • Encore overview
  • Alignment tools
  • Group/Ungroup overview
  • Color tone overview
  • Life View
  • Monogram Assistant/Wizard overview
  • Encore using a SuperDesign to create an oval
  • Endless Assistant/Wizard overview
  • Handles menu in Lettering for more advance options

Applique border options and exporting to cutter

Lesson 3/Part 1 – Extra (MAC version)

Part 1-Additional Assistants/Wizards found in PREMIER+™ 2 Extra and higher

  • ExpressDesign Assistant/Wizard overview
  • Encore to Shape options
  • Decorations overview & exporting decoration template to cutter
  • PhotoStitch Assistant/Wizard overview
  • Quilt Block Assistant/Wizard overview

Lesson 3/Part 2 – Extra (MAC version)

Part 2- Additional Assistants/Wizards found in PREMIER+™ 2 Extra and higher

  • Word Sculpt Assistant/Wizard overview
  • Projects-in-the-Hoop Assistant/Wizard overview
  • Applique & Modify tab options
  • Background Assistant/Wizard overview
  • Split Project Assistant/Wizard overview

Lesson 4 – Modify (MAC version)

Overview of advanced editing techniques found in the Modify module for PREMIER+™ 2 Ultra or available in the Design Enhancer Add-On Module

  • Using the Select tools and Control Strip to isolate one element of the design
  • Modify a design to change the look-adding elements and using Morphing options
  • Optimize for embroidery stitch out

Lesson 5 – Cross Stitcher (MAC version)

Overview of Cross Stitcher Module for PREMIER+™ 2 Ultra or available as an Add-On Module

  • Creating QuickCross Designs
  • Lettering overview
  • Saving .krz file and exporting stitch file
  • Placing crosses over a background picture
  • Utilizing the Pattern tab
  • Multiply feature

Lesson 6 – Create (MAC version)

Overview of Create Module for PREMIER+™ 2 Ultra

Part 1-Creating and personalizing a design using ExpressDesign Assistant/Wizard

  • Load picture and use the Assistant/Wizard to generate an embroidery
  • Make adjustments to the Pattern Fill areas
  • Saving as .edo and exporting as stitch file

Part 2-Digitizing with Quick, FreeHand or Precise Create tools

  • Use Draw Window option to create your own image using the Shapes option (PC version only)
  • Load a background image to place your own stitches (MAC version)
  • Digitize a design using QuickCreate tools
  • Digitize a design using Precise Create tools
  • Digitize a design using the Bezier tools