1.3 MTB Demo Ready Demonstration Packets

This document explains which fabrics go in the demonstration packets for the department. It is recommended that there are 50 Technique Demo Packets, 50 Sensor System Demo Packets and 25 Serger Demo Packets assembled and ready to use in your department.

Updated 6-25-16

1.4 MTB Technique Demo & Would You Like To See More Demo

This document explains the importance of the techniques shown in the Technique demo and basic directions on how to do each technique. It also covers what is contained in the “Would You Like To See More?’ Demo and sell-up samples.

Update 02-01-15

1.5 MTB Exclusive Sensor System Demo

This document has all the steps for doing the Exclusive Sensor System Demo on our machines that have this amazing feature. This is a demo that all associates should be able to do with ease.

Updated 04-26-18

1.6 MTB Serger Demo

This document explains how to set up and demonstrate the sergers in our line.

Updated 02-01-15