Stacked HV Logo

Embroidered logo that was used on hats for the stores at 2018 training

SuperDesigns Sampler

This shows some of the new features in SuperDesigns in the Premier+ embroidery software.

This file was discussed in the December 2015 Education Update.

DESIGNER Epic 30% Larger Bobbin File

This is a sample that can be stitched out to show the 30% larger capacity of the Designer Epic bobbin.

The explanation of this was shared in the December 2015 Education Update.

Sewing Machine Word Art Files

There are several files together in this single download. The .edo and .vp3 of the sewing machine outline as well as the final version of the word art sewing machine design with all the models of current Husqvarna Viking sewing machines in the line.

This was discussed in the December 2015 Education Update.

287-Felted Alphabet

These lovely letters make the perfect gifts, or you can make these “easy to create“ projects with your children or grand children. All designs are freestanding felting and include 36 letter and numbers; (A-Z and 0-9). Let your imagination run free and have fun!

Hoop size 100x100mm

Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Logos

There are 4 files in this download.

  • Keeping the World Sewing logo
  • Husqvarna Viking logo
  • Husqvarna Viking logo-smaller size
  • 140th Anniversary logo with antique sewing machine

Husqvarna Viking Crystal Logo vp4 File

Ashleigh from Jensen Beach #708 took the time to create the Husqvarna Viking logo in the Premier+ software using the new decoration feature.


  • If the design is made any smaller, change the crystal size in the copyright symbol to 2mm, which are harder to work with due to their small size.
  • This design uses 4mm and 3mm crystals, which are easily available at JoAnn-you will need several hundred.
  • If you want to create a stencil for the cutter, the design will need exported for a cutter (done in the File menu)

Thank you Ashleigh for sharing this with the stores!