INSPIRA® Embroidery Quilt by Janet Sansom- MADELEINE

This file contains 4 embroideries from #620144396 INSPIRA® Embroidery Quilt by Janet Sansom-Madeleine

This collections comes with 12 different quilt blocks, a corner design and endless border as well as 20 individual elements to help you build your own quilt blocks and border embellishments.collection that you may use to create samples in your store.

DO NOT distribute these designs for classes, clubs or personal use. Use these designs to help sell more of this collection.

297-Under the Tree

These charming designs will make your Christmas gifts very special! Create Christmas labels, sachet and fun covers for gifts. The collection includes 10 adorable projects in the hoop, 10 labels plus 40 christmas related designs.

Instructions for each project can be found on the CD.

Start creating today!

296-Specialty Bobbin Case Embroideries

Lovely embroideries combined with the Speciality Bobbin Case, allows you to create boundless versions of each design. It is perfect for embellishing garments and home decor items. Create wonderful Christmas motifs to add to your current collection! Instruction for the Christmas Wall Hanging on CD.

Hoop size: 100x100mm up to 240x150mm

295-Tiaras and Crowns

This collection will make all little princesses shine! Create crowns, tiaras, rings, necklaces, bracelets, magic wands and much more. When finished, embellish the jewelry with beautiful pearls and crystals to make them sparkle. All designs in freestanding lace, Enjoy!

Hoop Sizes: 40×40-200×200

294-Holiday Creator-Mini Collection

10 adorable Endless designs for the MEGA ENDLESS HOOP. All with a ribbon inserted. Also 20 matching designs in hoop size 100x100mm. Embellish and decorate your home for Christmas with these amazing endless designs. Add your own personal touch to a cushion, curtain, blanket, and lot more.

Create and have fun!

293-Designer Imperial Hoop Embroideries

In collection #293 DESIGNER™ Imperial Hoop Embroideries you can find 25 adorable embroideries with a handmade look. The handmade look is created by using a 30 WT cotton thread. The designs are in hoop sizes up to 360x260mm. Combine designs to make your own creative combinations. The motifs are suitable for both garments and home decor.

291-Monster Fun

Have fun creating your own version of these charming monster pillows! Mix and match eyes,ears, mouths, legs and arms to make yours unique. The perfect gift for kids. Use fun colors and fabrics to customize your monster! CD includes 5 different pillow templates. Watch the YouTube video for step by step instructions. Hoop size: 100x100mm to 360x200mm

290-Holiday Felting

30 amazing snowflake designs. 15 are designed for felting and 15 are quilt motifs. Create charming winter or holiday projects for yourself or as gifts. Inspirational images and Tips and Hints for the snowflake blanket are included on the CD. Hoop size: 200x200mm

289-Labels in the Hoop

These lovely embroideries can be created in endless combinations! It is a mini collection of 70 embroideries including adorable labels, frames, texts, designs, numbers and much more. You can make freestanding labels or use the embroideries as appliqués on fabric, This collection is perfect if you want to personalize gifts for friends and family and perfect for classes! Hoop sizes from 40x40mm-360x350mm

288-Mosaic Mini Collection

This is a fantastic mini collection with mosaic-looking designs and appliqués. It is a mix of endless, single and All-Over-Embroidered designs. With these designs you can create amazing quilts, accessories, home decorations and lots more!

286-Majestic Layers

Create quilt’s, cushions, bags and more with these gorgeous flower and butterfly motifs! 10 of the embroideries are designed to be used with 2 layers of appliqué. First appliqué is the batting. Second appliqué is the fabric This will give the embroidery a 3D effect. The collection also includes 3 majestic embroideries, with outlines, and 11 outline embroideries that is perfect as backgrounds for the appliqués. Hoop sizes 120×120-360×350

281 Refined Fabric

Enjoy these fantastic embroideries when felting with either one layered fabric,or with multilayered fabric. Get inspiration from the embroidery booklet and update your jeans with a lovely design or embellish a pillow. This collection is designed to be embroidered with the Felting Embroidery Set (sold separately as an accessory). Hoop sizes from 80×80 up to 360×350 – See more at:

218-Needlework Nostalgia

Endless Hoop size 170 mm x 100 mm / 6.75″ x 4″
Hoop size 240 mm x 150 mm / 9.6″ x 6″

20 bonus designs included!


Hoop size 240 mm x 150 mm / 9.6″ x 6″.
Hoop size 360 mm x 150 mm / 14.2″ x 6″.
10 bonus designs included!