May 2018 Software Training Adventure

See email sent to your store on 5/1/18 for complete instructions. All files needed for these exercises are included in the download file attached to this listing.

Exercise Description Email to Area Manager
Applique Ribbon (3 pages) How to take an existing applique design and prepare it for use with a cutting machine or other cutting options.

How to import customer fabric for appliques.

Applique_Ribbon.vp4 file
Exploring Applique Settings (2 pages) How to match placement lines with precut applique shapes.

Exploring the applique piece margin tools for the best results in applique.


bone.vp4 file
Applique Caterpillar (12 pages) Create a layered appliqué design using both manual and automatic digitizing tools.

In addition to using 2 new motifs and a SuperDesign element, we will also use the Group function to organize the FilmStrip

Applique_Caterpillar.vp4 file

DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing Adventure – April 2016

This zipped file contains 4 documents:

Epic Sewing Adventure April 2016-Instructions for what needs done for the Sewing Adventure

Design Positioning Demo-PART 1 of the Sewing Adventure

Clock Face-PART 2 of the Sewing Adventure

Group.Ungroup.Shaping-PART 3 of the Sewing Adventure

The manager is required to do all parts and it is recommend all employees also do the exercises as well.