Inventory Counts Form-Software & Embroidery Units

To All our Viking Sewing Galleries and Ultimate Sewing Places 

Please review the following changes to our month end inventory procedures and share with your staff.

As you know, embroidery units and optional embroidery software are high dollar items in your store inventory.  In order to maintain some control over the inventory of these high dollar items, we are adding certain SKU’s to the list of items to be verified each month.  You may download a copy of this new form on Employee Resources of the Viking Sewing Gallery site. The form can be found in the Gallery Forms & Operations category.

Embroidery Units and Optional Software will now be added to our month end inventory requirement.  While those items may not be on the portal for July end of month, we want to start the process by giving you a way to prepare for how to keep your embroidery units accounted for.

To make the inventory process easier, start identifying the embroidery units in the store by placing colored dots on the boxes.  Use the following color coded system:

  • Blue for the DESIGNER EPIC™
  • Green for the DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™
  • Red for the DESIGNER RUBY Royale™/DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50
  • Yellow for the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 40

Should you need colored dots, the part number for ordering on Office Depot is 837594. You may already have a supply of colored dots, so please check before ordering.


Retail Support

Posted 07-31-17

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